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In partnership with Kathleen Harrison Photography

Fact: The beach selfie you took isn’t a good photo for LinkedIn.

Fact: Your website needs professional photos of you and our team (and I know this because I’m designing a few of your websites).

Fact: You can now get a professional photo
without selling your extra kidney.


From personal experience, as I set out on a whirlwind adventure of starting a small business, I found myself with very little options as far as a professional photo of myself. Sure, I had some selfies, or some group photos where I tried to strategically crop myself out of a it, but let's be honest - it’s never really as good as when a professional photographer takes photos of you. 



If you are interesed, fill out our form below. Once we have a list of 6-8 people, we will be pick a location on a chosen date where you can purchase one of 2 packages: 

  • 15 minutes of shooting time (1 outfit) = 5 photo selects - $100*

  • 30 minutes of shooting time (2 outfits, or the same if you don’t want to change) = 10 photo selects - $175*


Includes: Review of all photos taken, personal selection of photos to be processed. Processing includes color correction and any additional retouching.


* Additional photos can be selected at $20/photo.

About the Kathleen Harrison:


Kathleen Harrison is recognized nationally as an editorial photographer.  Her work photographing "fashion, faces and beautiful places" has appeared in People, In Style, Town and Country, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and local newspapers.  She has an amazing eye for capturing beauty and energy  and is looking forward to partnering with other creative businesses and corporate companies. 

Want to hire us for a photoshoot?

If a Headshot Pop-Up isn't enough time, we are available for hire. Please contact for a quote.

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